Waterproofing Mart, Waterproofing SMART!

Waterproofing Mart is a Portland-based company serving the Pacific Northwest, and also Colorado and New Mexico. We carry high-performance coating products and waterproofing solutions manufactured by our featured brands: Andek Corporation and Energy Seal Coatings. Visit our online store to discover the products and learn more about seamless waterproofing systems, cool roofing technology, energy-saving and much more! Need expert advice? Contact us today to receive a FREE evaluation and quote from an expert. 

ANDEK - Performance Coatings and Sealant Systems

Andek Corporation designs, manufactures and markets high-performance coatings and sealant systems. The extensive range of over 100 products are used worldwide on roofs, walls, floors and industrial surfaces for waterproofing, protecting, preserving and repairing surfaces and structures.

Founded in 1973, Andek is now into its fourth decade of delivering state-of-the-art technology to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction by providing unique, one-of-a-kind materials to solve difficult and challenging projects. All products employ high quality components and are backed with excellent customer service and support.

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Tel: (971) 276-8958

Email: waterproofingmart@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

1314 NW Irving St, Suite 406

Portland, OR, 97209.

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