Benefits of Cool Roofing

A cool roof is a system that provides high solar reflectance (reducing heat transfer to the building) and high thermal emittance (radiating absorbed heat). Cool roofs are usually white or light-colored. Designed to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat, cool roofs can be made of highly-reflective materials or covered with liquid-applied products, including waterproofing coating systems. 


Cool roofing delivers immediate and long-term benefits, including:

- significant savings on operating costs for air conditioning

- longer life-expectancy for your roof

- environmental protection: lowers emissions/pollution, reducing greenhouse effects and urban heat island effects.

- better thermal control for special-needs building (food stores, buildings without AC, animal farms)

Save Money, Save the Environment

With a solar reflectance of up to 80%, a cool roof lowers energy-bills by decreasing the need for air-conditioning in the summer and even heating in the winter, resulting in significant savings on operating costs for commercial and industrial buildings, as well as individual owners. Cool roofing systems also extend the roof's life by decreasing the impact of temperature, and therefore reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement.

But you can save much more than money by opting for a highly-reflective coating. Cool roofs benefit the environment in many ways:

- reduce the urban heat island effect

- lower electricity usage and potential power outages

- reduce power plant emissions and pollution by reducing AC usage

- reduce landfills created by traditional roofing waste due to asphalt roof needing frequent replacement

Waterproofing and Cool Roofing, 2 in 1!

Waterproofing Mart carries complete lines of roof coating systems designed to offer maximum solar reflectance and long term waterproofing on any type of roof substrate. Regions with heavy annual rainfall need waterproofing coatings while dryer climates primarily require cool roof systems. However, with the variety of climates in the US and the impact of climate changes, the 2-in-1 solution for waterproofing AND cool roofing provides the ultimate protection for your roof.

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