Benefits of Liquid-Applied Waterproofing Systems

- Superior durability: the membrane's elasticity absorbs movement and compensates for any expansion or shrinkage due to thermal variation.

- Ease of installation: the products come in small packaging (easy-to-carry buckets). They require no open flame, and can be applied in wet environment and different temperatures.

- Ease of maintenance: liquid-applied waterproofing systems are seamless (except when using reinforcing fabric) and require no joints/seams or mechanical fixing/welding.

Seamless Waterproofing Systems: Applications

Seamless waterproofing systems can be used on a variety of surfaces:

- Roofs: our products can be applied to virtually any type of roof substrate. Check our product descriptions and data sheet pages for compatibility.

- Decks, balconies, terraces.

- Below-grade: parking structures, basements, etc.

- Specialty surfaces.

Quality & Expertise - Our Chosen Brands

Waterproofing Mart represents and distributes products manufactured by two highly-respected companies, Andek Corporation and Energy Seal Coatings.

With projects completed all over the country, these companies have established a solid reputation for high-performance products and received numerous accreditations.

Visit the links below for more information on:

- Andek Project Profiles

- Energy Seal Coatings Case Studies

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