The story of two damaging road trips and how FLASHBAND saved the day….


In 2018 I headed off to Michigan to buy a new RV and road trip back to Portland, Oregon. One day on the road 

a semi truck shot a rock right through the side slider window and it broke the glass! Now, this trip back to

Portland had about three weeks of stops related to my waterproofing material supply business so time was of the essence. So, I headed straight to the RV supply and repair store and Camper World was the closest. 


Camper World advised that the only thing I could do to quickly get back on the road was to apply what they called a 300 mile hour clear tape across the breakage area, which we did. Then, 10 miles down the road the tape started to come off along with extreme flapping and noise!  Now i'm in a panic and wondering how i’m going to continue the trip without having to drop the RV at a repair store! A replacement window would take days, days that I did not have. 



Now, being in the predicament that I was in, I'd become perplexed on what to do. Suddenly it

dawned on me, I have the product on board to fix my problem. Being that I’m in the waterproofing supply

business, I was carrying FlashBand rolls and the 3" FlashBand tape.



So, I decided to repair myself!  I cut a piece of cardboard into  the size of the window, re-spread

the clear tape and applied FlashBand 3" taped all around the parameter of the exterior and interior of the

frame. This solved the problem for the entire road trip. No more noise, flapping or water intrusion. I didn't 

need to use the clear tape provided by Camper World, but I wanted to see how the FlashBand would

secure the clear tape, of which it did an outstanding job. However, I did have a 12" roll of FlashBand on

board just in case. The 12" could have truly waterproofed the broken frame area, as i'll explain in the

next episode.



I headed out again on a business trip that would keep me on the road for 2 months. My first destination

was to our MFG. plant in New Jersey. When I arrived there were heavy rain storms!!

All the main streets were flooded and the police had diverted all traffic and of course, my RV, into

residential areas. The problem for me was that the tree's were low lying. Sadly, the branches managed to

bust my rooftop skylight. Here I am, again, but now with a big hole in the roof of my RV with imminent rain on the way.


Luckily I was near a Home Depot so I pulled in and borrowed a tall ladder. I then set a table up and did a demonstration of the repair for the Home Depot department managers. Again, I took a piece of cardboard the size of the skylight frame, set it in place, cut the FlashBand roll with a 2" overlap on the sides, cut corners and dropped them down. I then took 2" FlashBand tape and wrapped the base of the light. I left the Home Depot and continued on my 2 month trip without a single problem with the skylight.



I tell this story because I believe ANDEK FlashBand saved the day and I truly believe

that this product should be on the shelves of every RV, fifth wheel and trailer supply store.


FlashBand comes in varied sizes from 2-4-6-8-9-10-12-14-16-18-20-24-28" or custom cuts based on

manufacturer window spec. FlashBand is also used in roof repair, pipes (roof top) skylight curbs any penetrations.


From your favorite ANDEK REP, 


Dan Allen




Tel: (971) 276-8958


Mailing Address:

1314 NW Irving St, Suite 406

Portland, OR, 97209.

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