SILVER FILM - Tough Reflective Coating

SILVER FILM - Tough Reflective Coating

SILVER FILM is a single component, liquid applied, bright aluminum solar reflective coating that will maintain its reflective qualities for many years. It is a high solids, thermoplastic resin based product that maintains superior adhesion to most metals as well as asphaltic, or coal tar pitch roofs. SILVER FILM is highly effective for either pitched or flat surfaces where ponded water conditions occur.

SILVER FILM is significantly different to other aluminum colored roof coatings. It contains no asphalt, no fillers and uses high quality automotive grade flake pigment. At 3.5 pounds of aluminum metal flake per gallon it produces a layer of protective metal composite that can provide 7 to 10 years of protection in a single coat. For more informaiton, visit this page.


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