FIREGARD - Fire-Resistant Waterproofing Coating

FIREGARD - Fire-Resistant Waterproofing Coating

FIREGARD is a liquid applied, single component coating that contains highly effective fire retardants to reduce flame spread in the event of fire. It is listed by the Asbestos Information Center and the United States Government as a suitable sealant for encapsulation of low density asbestos lagging and asbestos insulation. Available in white or custom colors, ANDEK FIREGARD may be used as a waterproof, fire resistant coating over all types of insulation and other combustible substrates. ANDEK FIREGARD has been in constant use for over 25 years, protecting attics, crawl spaces, tanks, wooden structures, boilers, freezers, production and storage facilities in all types of climates. For more information, visit this page.


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