CLEARCOAT 44 - High Performance Clear Polyurethane

CLEARCOAT 44 - High Performance Clear Polyurethane

CLEARCOAT 44 is a single component, moisture cure, aliphatic clear urethane coating.  It produces a tough, glossy, hard wearing and chemically resistant surface.  CLEARCOAT 44 may be used alone as a clear, tough gloss coat over masonry, concrete, vinyl, wood, or other approved substrates. If specified, a range of textured aggregates is available to provide a traction enhanced surface. CLEARCOAT 44 was tested for conformance to industrial standards to meet the approval of the sealant waterproofing and restoration institute (SWR Institute). This product was validated using third party verification to certify that it performed above industry standards. CLEARCOAT 44 is also used over bright metal surfaces to maintain their appearance and prevent tarnishing. For more information, visit this page.


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